Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Services

You sit on it every day. Of course it needs cleaning.

Most furniture manufacturers recommend that upholstered furniture get cleaned at least every TWO years. This helps to keep your upholstery looking good. But it also helps to keep your home healthy. You wouldn’t sleep on the same sheets for five years without cleaning them, would you?

Buster on Upholstery

Here’s Buster enjoying his favorite sofa.

Don’t wait until your upholstery looks bad before you clean it. Clean it to keep it clean. Most upholstery isn’t nearly as stain resistant as your carpet. You can abuse your carpet and sometimes get miracles from having it cleaned. But upholstery may not be the same. Most upholstery contains some cotton. You know how your white cotton t-shirt doesn’t always look 100% white after cleaning? The same thing can happen to your upholstery if you wait too long to clean. So clean it NOW before it gets worse.

We Clean Specialty Fabrics

Even your most delicate upholstered fabrics can be cleaned. Our qualified technicians have been certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (aka, the IICRC) in the area of upholstery cleaning. During this training certification, they have learned how to properly test and clean all types of specialty fabrics.

Dry Cleaning, Steam Cleaning or Low Moisture?

First, we test the fabric to see if it can be cleaned with moisture. This will help us decide the BEST way to clean your upholstery. Ideally, steam cleaning or low moisture is a better way to clean a fabric. But if the test proves that your upholstery cannot handle moisture, we will dry clean your fabric. Or if your upholstery has a potential problem with moisture, we may perform a very low moisture method of cleaning. Whichever the case, we will professionally and safely clean your upholstered fabrics.



Fabric Protector

After your upholstered fabrics are cleaned, we highly recommend the application of our professional fabric protection. This will put an invisible barrier between the fibers and soils. While it doesn’t make the upholstered fabrics stain proof, it does help to keep it clean longer. And it makes stains or spills easier to be removed the next time it is cleaned.

Drapery Cleaning

Yes, you can get your drapes cleaned! If your drapes are musty or appearing dingy, you can have us clean your drapes. Our professional drapery cleaning process helps to remove dust and soil build up. As well, it helps to freshen odors from your drapes that accumulate in your home or office over the years from cooking, dust, smoke, and other indoor air pollution