Buster’s Carpet Cleaning is the Professional Cleaning Company For You

If you’re looking for a professional company in Minneapolis-St. Paul and the surrounding suburban areas, this is the right place.

Meet Buster. He's the inspiration behind Buster's Carpet Cleaning.

Meet Buster, the inspiration behind Buster’s Carpet Cleaning.

Buster’s Carpet Cleaning is a company with Reputation, Education, Experience, and Guarantee you can trust.  We’re a family owned and operated business with 30 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry. Our qualified technicians will come to your home or business to give you the cleanest carpet possible.

You’ll be hiring a company with a stellar REPUTATION known in the area for delivering a professional service.  Rest assured with our competitive prices, you will get a fair deal. And our staff will keep you coming back every time you need cleaning. We pride our company on our repeat clients.

iicrclogoYou’ll get a technician who is EDUCATED in specialty cleaning and certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (the IICRC) in the areas of carpet cleaning, water damage, upholstery cleaning, and deodorization. This means our technician has gone through training classes on how to solve special cleaning related issues. Most cleaners in our area never go through any type of professional training or certification. In addition, our technicians have undergone training in duct cleaning.

You’ll get an EXPERIENCED cleaning firm. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve solved every type of cleaning problem imaginable. We can take care of any cleaning related issue you have. We’re prepared to clean anywhere you have carpet or upholstery. In fact, we SPECIALIZE IN SENIOR BUILDINGS AND HIGH-RISE APARTMENTS. We can clean on ANY floor and in ANY weather.

Your service is GUARANTEED! You know when you’ve had your carpet cleaned in the past, all your spots returned the next day, and the company you hired won’t even return your phone call! Well that will NEVER happen with Buster’s Carpet Cleaning. We guarantee your satisfaction. We want you to be happy so you’ll tell your friends about us and call us back time and time again.

Here are the cleaning services we offer:

Carpet, upholstery, draperies, tile and grout, air ducts, 24 hour/7 days a week water damage restoration, pet odor removal, removal of pet dander, leather, dryer vents, and area rugs. We use “green” products that give you chemical and residue free cleaning.

Have bad seams or buckles in your carpet?

Your carpet can look like new again when we fix those seams and re-stretch your carpet. We do any type of carpet repair and installation. Call us for an estimate.

Read this review from one of our many happy clients…

     “I would like to compliment Vince on the great job he did in helping me when my water heater broke and flooded by basement carpet.

I had just stopped by my house quick from work and run into the basement. I went into my laundry room and stepped on squishy carpet. I had no idea why or what was leaking. I took the rest of the day off work to attend to the problem. I called the carpet company to see if they could vacuum up the water. Then I called a plumber. The plumber arrived and so did Vince about the same time. I dealt with the plumber discovering the problem and determining the solution. Vince waited very patiently while I did that. Then I could finally get to discussing what he could do for me. He was very sympathetic as I told him I had just had to replace the carpet a few years prior. He said there was no way that he could just vacuum up the water because the carpet and pad were too damage. What he did suggest is that we get the wet carpet out and he had someone he could recommend to me for getting new carpet. I agreed and Vince went right to work. He cut the carpet into pieces that could be taken upstairs. He got all the carpet out for me and then carried it to the street where the garbage service could pick it up. He got fans in place to dry the floor and the wall as to not cause further damage. He stayed after his regular work hours to finish getting the carpet out. Vince came back the next day to check on fans and the floor. He helped me contact the carpet person.

     Vince also stated that he could clean the carpets upstairs for a reasonable price since he was here doing this whole job. He cleaned the carpets and did spot cleaning in addition. The clean carpets looked terrific!!

     I would hire Vince again to do cleaning for me. I am very happy and grateful for the cleaning service, but more importantly the kindness and courtesy that he gave to me.  Thanks again, Vince!”

     Nancy Maus, Apple Valley, MN